Xeniks is true to the meaning of its name of Russian / English origin, meaning "The gift the elder gods gave to the earth". Xeniks devices are a valuable gift to its customers.  Smart devices like Qi charger, Smartbands, Smartwatch and Wireless Earphones, and mobile phone accessories are the focus of Xeniks Technology, an established smart device manufacturer with its headquarters in Ahmedabad, India.

Our Origin

In 2022, Xeniks opened its doors to the public to provide the best smart gadgets. The company was founded with the goal of combining the look, touch, and feel of every single smart device it produces to give consumers truly amazing experiences. Xeniks Technology truly combines innovation and design to perfection by offering variety, ease of use, and elegance in its products. Xeniks Technology has established itself as a leading smart gadget brand today. Xeniks Technology is a firm believer in raising the value of innovation, collaboration, and design standards.

Our Values

Xeniks values technology. Xeniks Technology stands apart from other smart device manufacturers  because of its workforce of knowledgeable and devoted employees. Xeniks clients can rely on our devices. Xeniks plans to become India's leading manufacturer of smartwatch, Qi Charger, Wireless earphones and other mobile phone accessories to set new standards in innovative, world-class devices in the next few years.

The Story of Xeniks®

Innovation Unbounded