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Destined For Supremacy

Built for those who are destined to achieve great things. Sleek design with metallic build, the Xeniks Destiny is bound to amaze overlookers.

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Buy Your Xeniks Digit Now At An Introductory Offer Price

10,999₹ Now 1,899₹

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1.39" Amoled Screen

1.39 Inch High Definition Full RGB Color Screen Display

Smooth Interface

High Refresh Frequency


454 * 454 HD Resolution with Sharp Display Technology

Vibrant Colors

32 Bit High Color Reproduction

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Northern Lights
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Bluetooth Calling

High Fidelity Waterproof Speakers, Bluetooth Handsfree Calling, Retaining High Definition Original Sound.

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Say Goodbye to the Shakles of Wired Charging and enjoy the covenience of Wireless Charging.

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Wireless Charging


Heart Rate Monitor

Imported Optical Heart Rate monitor combined with Intelligent Heart Rate Algorithm.

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Music Player

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Connect Your Music Through your Phone. Enjoy the music with inbuilt speaker and remote control.

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ECG Monitoring

PPG + ECG Technology Helps To Monitor if Any Chest Pain, Chest Tightness, Palpitation, Suffocation or Dizzyness.

**Monitoring Data and Results are for reference only, not as a basis for diagnosis and medical treatment

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Multiple Sports Modes

Multi-Sports Mode, Can monitor all the important data including Distance, Speed, Calories Burned, Work-Rate, etc.


Stay Social Stay Updated

Never miss out any message or call or an important notification in any case. Xeniks Dignity makes the right connections and keeps you in loop with every message, call and social media notifications.

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Customize the watch face with an Image or Picture of your choice.

Enjoy More than 100 Face Watches embedded with Xeniks Dignity Smartwatch App


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IP 68 Water Proof

IP68 Water Proof Level Allows you to use the watch in Dusty and Rainy Environments.

**Do not soak in water, or wear it when swimming or bathing. Take care to avoid hand sanitizer, soap and other corrosive liquids enteringthe watch and causing damage to the components

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Track Your Sleeping Habits


Woman in Casual Clothing

Menstural Cycle Reminder

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Get a Guided Breath Training

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A Smart-Watch Needs A Smart-App

The WearPro App is an All-Weather Health Management Platform. It can Record Various Sports, Physical Status and Other Data.

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2 Straps with Every Purchase To Suit Your Mood

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